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Mountain Sněžka

The highest mountain of Czech republic (1603 m). It is foud in the east part of Giant mountains in Hraniční ridhe. Through its top goes the state border between Czech republic and Poland. On the top of mountain have been built several buidings.

In the year 1868 the Czech chalet was built there, but it is today disrepair and closed. Modern Polish chalet stays at the place of former Slezská chalet. In the beginning of 20th century the wooden observatory originated there, but it was taken down several years ago.

On the top of Sněžka there is also 14 m heigh chapel of St. Vavřinec from the half of 19th century and the highest situated post-office in the Czech republic. The funicular from the Pec pod Snězkou goes to the top of mountain. Thanks its high the top of Sněžka offers the unlimited panoramic view to landscape of Czech republic and Poland.
Sněžka from mountain StudničníSněžka from mountain Studniční
Sight from Studniční mountain
Mountain SněžkaMountain Sněžka
Mountain Sněžka
Obří důl from mountain SněžkaObří důl from mountain Sněžka
Valley Obří důl from Sněžka
Sněžka - post-officeSněžka - post-office
Sněžka - Polish chaletSněžka - Polish chalet
Polish chalet
Sight of foothills of SněžkaSight of foothills of Sněžka
Sight of foothills